About Kiranmayee Mishra.

Hi ! I am Kiranmayee Mishra from India,I am an housewife and homemaker,I am Honest,Sincere,Truthful,Transparent and Committed too.
I am an Internet Marketer too.I am married since last twenty years and blessed with one Daughter and a Son.My daughter's good name is Adyashree Mishra,and her nick name is 'Gudu',she is 17 yrs. old and had just finished her Diploma in Computer Science from Govt. Polytechnic College and is about to join for her Degree Engineering this month,and my son is TarunaAshish Mishra,nick name 'Tutun',is studying in class eigth at Central Public School.I live in our own house with my family, at Cuttack City in the State of Orissa.

Here I am giving some cool Items and Programs to make an honest and legitimate income Online,these programs are quite easy to do and are made available for all to get earned,but these are no quick rich schemes I mind you,most of them are free to join,so make it to join as much as you can.
I was born on 1st.June1965,and started studying in Ranihat High School,Cuttack,from here I finished my Higher Secondary courses and joined Ravenshaw University,Cuttack for my College education,and finished my Post Graduation in Political Science there,then I joined Radhanath Training College for completing Degree in Office Management and Book Keeping.

Again followings are My Internet Marketing Reviews;

Further,I would like to tell that,this site is made to get paid.

From the day Internet Marketing came in use,it's always changing it's ways adding new value added features updated from time to time.As it had been the easiest, cheapest as well as effective system,it had been well accepted and well adored worldwide.Matching with the population growth it had also got grown it's list of users or dependents.As usual as Real Marketing,Virtual Marketing is also based on the very same typical two basics of dependency,i.e; for Investor or Spender and Earner.As usual Real Marketing Strategy,here also someone is to spend for his benefits,and simultaneously some one earns enabling the former benefited.New Fields,New Scopes,New Systems with New Tools and Tackles emerge on regular basis to add to it's credit.Thus, it's not far enough till it's Uses as well as Users grows Worldwide. As such,we are now clear that,like Real Marketing,Virtual or Internet Marketing is also based on the two simple basics of Spending and Earning,but as tested earlier it is well proven that,Spending in Internet Marketing is comparatively much cheaper than Investing in Real Marketing,as well as risk factors are also quite low here,such as,Geographic Locations,Climatic Conditions,Real Market Trends,Local Problems or Locality Impacts of any kind and above all Raw Cash Handling had nothing to do with Internet Marketing,roughly speaking its free from all the above reasoning's influencing.Thus, keeping the intro in short,followings are the requirements or basics to do for Internet Marketing;
1. Market Research :-
As usual,before setting up any Business,its primarily required to make a research,i.e;search and search again till we get confirmed,about what people intend to buy the most or what sells the most,in order to make it certain,what we need to market in order to make a prompt or immediate selling, to cash on it and earn.So this is the prime essence and should be done with ought care and consciousness,as not to make a miss on it.
2. Setting A Store :-
Now that, we have ascertained the Market as well as the products that sale at large or are in demand,we need to set up an Web Store of our self to sale,i.e;it could be an Website or Blog like this one,to put our products to show and sale.
3. Setting Gateways :- 
Now that,we have got our store up and running,we need gateways for both,i.e;setting up a payment gateway,where our customers will pay and where from we get the payments well into our bank account and secondly a sending gateway where from we can send the products purchased by our customers,to them,so that they receive it right and no misses.
4. Selling :- 
This is the main part of the game,as in order to sell as usual in Real Marketing,we need visitors to visit our store first,then we need to motivate them for making a purchase,once they purchase we get money.So in order to get visitors and to motivate them for a sale,we need to do a lot of exercises.
5. Building Relationship :- 
This is the final and vital step of any business building exercise.Here we need to keep up a sound and rational relationship with our buyer for life long in order to make repeated sales and cyclic earnings there on.
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